Flex Infinity Machine

The Flex Infinity testing machine is capable of performing precise tests to aid in the selection of racquets for serious tennis professionals. Several racquets can be tested to make sure that they have the same weight, balance and feel. This machine is suitable for tennis pro shops working with the demanding requirements from leading tour tennis players or if you are a tour technician.

The Flex Infinity Machine takes the following measurements on each racquet:

  • Torsional Rigidity (Racquets design capability to resist twisting during off center hits. Measured in G units)
  • Radial Stiffness (Stiffness of racquet head measured across 3-9 o’clock position. Measured in G units)
  • Mass (Absolute weight in grams or ounces of strung racquet or frame)
  • Balance Point (Center of gravity or racquet or frame. Measured in millimeters or imperial)
  • Racquet Head Stiffness
  • Racquet Shaft Stiffness
  • Racquet Tip Stiffness
  • Absolute String Plane Stiffness
  • Dynamic String/Frame Stiffness