About Flex Infinity

My name is Rod Groom and I have been a leading tennis professional coach in Burnie, Tasmania for over 18 years. Each year I travel to many of the leading tennis championships were I am a racquet service technician for many of the worlds top tennis players.

  • Racquet Service Technician Aust Open Official Stringing Team 1990-2005
  • Futures/Challenger events, National Championships over approx. 30 years
  • Previously worked in the car/circuit racing engineering industry

With the assistance of my associates we have developed the Flex ∞ to make available a precise tool to check all important facets of the construction of the tennis racquet and to allow accurate assessment when selecting batches of racquets to give the same weight feel and balance needed for all leading players.


Flex ∞ After many years of maintaining and customising top international/national player's racquets there was nothing available like Flex ∞. It has the capacity to perform 8 tests on one machine. US Engineer, John Howe, transferred the rights/blueprints to me in 1998. In collaboration John I have taken the original Howe to suit today's needs.

The Strings

Strings Flex infinity CP+ range of strings has been especially developed for the professional tour and tournament players. All flex Infinity stings have been engineered to withstand the adverse effects of air travel and retail stabilisation in hot and humid conditions.

The Machine

Machine Our Tennis Racquet testing machine is capable of performing precise tests to aid in the selection of racquets for serious tennis pros. Several racquets can be tested to make sure that they have the same weight, balance and feel. This machine is suitable for tennis pro shops working with the demanding requirements from leading tour tennis players or if you are a tour technician.