Complete testing of frames using Flex Infinity Racquet Analysis Method.

Handle sizing and modification machining using master profile plates. Cost depending on extent of work required.

Modification of butt caps. Cost depending on extent of work required.

Ability to match favourite playing frame to new stock utilising the Flex Machine.

Customising available to dampen frame vibrations and reducing shock transmission levels.

Frame Efficiency Enhancement. Gain more power on serve/ground strokes by more efficient frame reaction to flex forces by reducing energy loss on impact flexing and vibration. Batch of 5 frames cost $200 + freight.

Prototype Customising: Analysis of string wear and contact zone in relation to mass distribution and swing weight and polar moment of inertia values.

*Following this assessment it is recommended that a prototype be built to determine the custom specification for the individual player.

**On court testing/assessment with player, available by appointment.