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Friday, June 23, 2017


Rod Groom

Flex Infinity Racquet Sports PTY LTD

Address: 117 Brickport Road, Burnie 7320, Tasmania, Australia

Phone: +61 3 6431 5141

Mobile: +61 419 315 141

Fax: +61 3 6431 1711

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: www.flexinfinity.com.au


Flex Infinity Racquet Sports PTY LTD
117 Brickport Road,
Burnie 7320,
Tasmania, Australia
Phone:+61 419 315 141 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

They have great playability, endurance, and spin. It's that simple.
J.S Racquet Dynamics
Racquet Dynamics strung my Prince Rebel 95 with the white Flex Infinity 1.20 17 gg a week ago at 47 lbs. Since restringing with your string I have played some of my best tennis. After one week im hooked on Flex Infinity and cant wait for the pro shop to get more in.
S. Mendez
I have found Flex Infinity strings to be more durable then other string I have used in the past. Giving me, again more confidents during matches because my strings hold it's tension.
Reece Driscolll -RPT Advanced Coach (Europe)
With Flex Infinity Strings Rod achieves what the big brands can't. Working with what must be a substantilly lower budget, it must be his world class knowledge and passion that sets his products apart.
Reece Driscolll -Tennis Austrlia Talent Dev. Coach
Polyester strings in very Humid climates traditionally lose tension very quickly, Flex Infinity is a different beast. While competing in some Thailand ITF's one of my players was using Flex Infinity strings and was able to complete the entire tournament and practice with the same set of strings...unheard of in such a climate.
Reece Driscolll - Tennis Australia Advanced Coach
Recently one of my High Performance players made the switch to Flex Infinity from another brand name Polyester and the results were amazing. String duration was increased from around 6 to 8 hrs of play to around 20-24 hrs of play and amazing difference and much more cost effective than anything tried before.
Adam Kennedy ATP Player / Coach

The string has incredible spin value and a longer lasting life.
It's what I would use as a progessional and awhat I recommend as a tennis coach.
It's the best string I've ever come across.

AR - Auckland New Zealand (1.25 White)

I used to string a racket for every match when I played a tournament.
Now I string 1 or 2 for the week.
I find it is more durable and plays well until it breaks.

GR - Melbourne Australia (1.25 Grey)

I have played my best tennis using Rod's FLEX string.
I won my first ITF in 2011, had a break though year and less injuries.
I get spin and control from it.
They last all tournament and doesn't lose tension on the plane.
I love this string.

HP - Melbourne Australia (1.15 White)

More control but not as much power in first hit, but gets better the more you hit with it.
The ball goes in more and I can control my forehand and serve better.
I didn't want to back to old string after hitting for 5-10 min.
It feels good all the time. I play better with this string.

PG - Melbourne Australia (1.15 White)

It really does what no other string will do.

Peter McCraw - High Performance Coach -Melbourne Australia (1.20 White / Grey)

The first thing I noticed with the FLEX string was you can volley with it.
The ball flight and rebound accuracy was different.
More importantly, it was a string that for the first time the players could learn to volley.
After using it exclusively, it became apparent that developing players could learn to release the racquet head and develop fundamentally sound technique on grounstrokes, something other polys discourage.
This has been particularly evident on Serve and Return.

Peter McCraw - High Performance Coach - Melbourne Australia (1.20 White / Grey)

This is the first polyester string I have ever used that feels and plays anything close to gut.

Peter McCraw - High Performance Coach - Melbourne Australia (1.20 White / Grey)

After 20 years of coaching elite players, FLEX is the only co-polyester string I stock, use and recommend.

Peter McCraw - High Performance Coach - Melbourne Australia (1.20 White / Grey)

FLEX Infinity is a game changing revolution in string performance.
It's the standard I use to measure all other strings against.

S. P. Serving Aces

To be strung 10% less than any other poly, This string is a must have.

S.P Serving Aces

Very soft feel for a poly, the strings offer plenty of power, spin and control.

S.P -Serving Aces

Strings don't move at all, No early notches even with a lot of topspin.

S.P. Serving Aces.

I started offering the stings to my customers and they were all impressed.
No complaints at all.

P.G Florida

This Flex Infinity string is amazing / awsome product - It will go viral!

K.J. ATP Tour/Coach USA

My first impression of Flex Infinity strings was how could a polyester feel like gut (Soft & Powerful) yet have the spin and control of the best polys on the market with more durability as well

Richard Fromberg Former World number 23 ATP/Davis Cup Player

"Flex Infinity" is the liveliest polyester string I have used. Its great to play with a string that holds its tension, Delivers spin and control and has a long playing life.
Its great to play with world class string and get professional service. 

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